Ram Acharya

Food safety, logistics management, technology adoption, and marketing

Economics and Ag Business Graduate Programs. He is responsible for responding to inquires regarding graduate study in Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business (3 Master's degree programs including: Master of Science in Agricultural Economics; Master of Agriculture with specialization in Agribusiness; and Master of Business Administration with specialization in Agribusiness).

His primary research interests are in food safety, logistics management, spatial competition, production efficiency, technology adoption, and demand analysis. He is currently involved in research projects related to food defense, food safety, market power, and fresh produce marketing.

Dr. Ram Acharya's recent publications have appeared in numerous journals including the Journal of Business Logistics, International Journal of Bank Marketing, Journal of Business and Economics Research, Journal of Economics and Business, Applied Economics Letters, e-Service Journal, Health Economics & Behavior Journal, Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, and the American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Ram Acharya

Ram Acharya
Office Location: GTH 381A
Phone: 575-646-2524
Email: acharyar@nmsu.edu